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Transforming Your Workplace with Gratitude Increase Revenue, Prevent Burnout and Keep Employees for Life

Best Seller in Self-Help, Sales and Leadership


Disrupt Your Brand Stand Out, Build Credibility and Trust

Best Seller in Self-Help, Sales and Leadership


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About Me

bardi toto

Bardi has over 30 years experience working with all types of retailers including the Pet, Pizza, Coffee, Technology Industry, wholesalers, the Entertainment/Hospitality industry and manufacturers, so she knows the business and has gotten major results! She has not spent a dime on branding or marketing online in 15 years. Bardi Toto is a NYT Author, World renowned Branding Expert, Featured on The Daily Vee with Gary Vaynerchuk, in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, on IHeartRadio, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Bold TV, and other multiple media platforms. Her latest books are Disrupt Your Brand, How to Sell without Selling and Transforming Your Workplace with Gratitude. Bardi has gotten the attention of Starbucks, Petco, PetsMart, Country Musician Walker Hayes, The Dallas Cowboys, Macy’s, Dillards, and a variety of different retailers. Bardi has also worked with the founders of YouTube since 2006 and Instagram. She can get any business on the front page of YouTube in Seconds.,Bardi is known for her Trademarked training programs Disrupt Your Brand, How to Sell without Selling, and world-renowned mentoring program, The Power of Asking.

CEO of a Web Design, Branding/Digital Marketing Agency. Bardi’s “Disruptive” Style of Branding and Marketing strategies has gotten her known internationally. She is a single mom of 2 boys, loves helping all businesses, especially retailers and wholesalers increase their business online.


Increase Sales
Stand out from your competition
Instantly build credibility and trust

Let me help you live the life you want and deserve. You were not meant for mediocrity.

Business Coaching and Consulting. Branding. The Power of Asking. Disrupt Your Brand

Change Your Mindset. Change Your Life

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Americans adore their pets. Millennials, owning 55% of all pets, especially consider themselves more than just pet owners. They’re pet parents,lovingly referring to Spot as their precious child and demanding nothing short of perfection in their pet store experience.

Hottest Pet Trends for 2023 and beyond

The key to any business’s success is knowing who your customers are. It is forecasted that most pet parents in 2023 will again be Millennials – people in their 30s and 40s. In the 2022 report, we could see that Millennials overpass Baby Boomers regarding pet ownership. In the following year, we will see the rise of Gen Z pet owners. Still,

Instagram Reels - All You Needed to Know

The secret to viral growth on Instagram right now? You guessed it: Instagram Reels. But landing the perfect Reels strategy — and knowing how to use all the different features — is no easy feat.

Instagram Reels Help your Retail Business and #petretail Business

Fear not!  I am sharing everything you need to know about Instagram Reels.  

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How to Increase retail sales online

How to Sell without Selling

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Unique Strategies How to Build Relationships online instantly

Unique Strategies How to Build Relationships online instantly

Increase Retail Sales Online and Offline with BARDI TOTO - Author, World Renowned Influencer and YouTube Strategist

Increase Sales for your team or business

Asking for the sale or more business is the #1 Problem people have in the world and I have your solution. Step into your calling and transform your life and others. Learn from the #1 world renowned Asking and Gratitude Coach.

Ready to get unparalleled results?


Bardi Knows the inside secrets of how to monetize branding, marketing and You Tube effectively. Work with her – she’ll make you money!” ~Les Brown

Les Brown

Bardi Toto is one of the most powerful, influential and authentic business mentors that I’ve ever had the honor of working with. After many years of knowing her personally and professionally, her ability to captivate a room, move them into action – Her branding techniques and leadership qualities raise the bar for anyone online I highly recommend Bardi

Rodney Harano

Her Power of Asking Coaching is unbelievable. She got me unstuck after 20 years of being stagnant online. How she implements asking and gratitude online. Blew me away. Working with her is PRICELESS

Sharon Billings