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Bardi Toto has over 30 Years in the retail/wholesale industry as well as branding and marketing. Transitioning from a brick and mortar storefront to an online retail presence can be a challenging one especially when it involves branding and social media. Bardi will help you with a bullet proof no fail plan. In the early 80’s her father was head over the Apparel Mart in Dallas Texas which gave Bardi an early start at age 13. She absorbed the knowledge of Calvin Klein, Guess and Gloria Vanderbilt to name a few.
She Started exhibiting in 2001 at ASD in Vegas, then decided to start buying as a wholesaler and bought for other retailers. In 2008 she saw a problem in the retail,manufacturing and wholesale industry how people were marketing/branding themselves “online.” With her expertise, accolades and knowledge, she turned businesses around instantly online and offline
During 2020 many physical retail businesses closed and had to go online. She saved these businesses, gave them a social media makeover and exploded their online sales.Bardi has been helping multiple retail and hospitality companies all over the world dominate their markets. Bardi has 18 Years experience in Social Media including Youtube,Video Search Engine Optimization, Instagram SEO, Twitter, Facebook and her expertise in branding online. People are shopping online more and more and Bardi will help you make their shopping decisions easier.
Bard’s unique retail consulting approach will help your company with tips to increase online sales, customer loyalty, and create powerful marketing strategies.Discover What it Takes to Dominate the Competition Let the Retail-consulting expertise unleash your company’s full potential

Working with Bardi Will

Consulting I offer:

Discussing Transforming Your Workplace with Gratitude.

How to Sell without Selling Online

Social Media Platform Makeover and Analyzation:

Bardi Toto has 25 Years experience in the Retail and Wholesale Industry. 16+ Years in Social Media working with the founders of Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. She has been Featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and other media outlets just to name a few. Anybody can create a social media platform, but if you don’t know the algorithm or some of the hidden secrets, it won’t work. Ready to reinvent your Social Media and have it work for you..finally. I will analyze your social media platforms and instantly can tell you what to change.

Retail Sales Training:

Bardi is a NYT Author of the book The Power of Asking, Disrupt Your Brand and How to Sell without Selling Online. Whether it is a Corporation or small retail stores Bardi can help increase your sales and have people raving about your Store whether it is on or off line. I Will take your sales-team to new heights using no-pressure sales techniques to gain additional sales.Training is available on-site or in person and can be customized.

Social Media Branding and Marketing Strategy:

You do not want anyone just working on your social media especially to get it up and running. Just creating an instagram, YouTube, TikTok or Twitter page won’t work. There is a secret behind communicating with others online, an algorithm that works and Bardi knows how to implement this instantly. Bardi has international results that has gotten her featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and on over 40 TV Media outlets. Bardi is also followed by great retailers such as American Airlines, Kathy Ireland, Starbucks,Walmart, Delta, Buffalo Wild Wings, Entertainment Tonight plus many TV and Entertainment Personalities. Bardi has a strategy that gets attention and results! She has not paid a dime for branding or marketing in 15 years!

One-Hour Business Coaching Session:

Have a question or concern that can be discussed in 60 minutes. We can discuss how to help your team, what your obstacles might be and find a solution to the problem.branding or I can analyze your social media and tell you what needs tweaked and why it’s not working.